Manoj Dayaram

Hello there, welcome to my site! My name is Manoj Dayaram, and I’m probably right now.

If you came here to find out what I like, well then, I like fire, fruit parfaits, hugs, tea, computer science, education, pocket watches, puppies, kittens, ponies, top hats, monocles, spoons, half-belts, nail art, gloves, alpacas (not llamas!), chocolate, grilled cheese, juggling diabolo, port, moscato, chartreuse, b&b, magic, and drawing. If you know I like something that’s not on this list, then I probably either missed it, or I lied to you. I usually feel really guilty about lying, so that’s unlikley.

I will occasionally write random musings about life and such whenever I get the time or have a good idea. Feel free to paruse at your own pace. I love hearing feedback. Tell me all the bad things. I want them. I keep them in a box and then when I’m feeling awesome I tackle them with hugs and cuddles. We can always chat about them over chai tea if you prefer that though. Let’s make it happen!

If physical space prevents us from getting tea together, you can always reach me through these other channels.

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Thanks for stopping by! Due to the nature of our meeting, we will have to settle for virtual hugs for now, but looking forward to hugging you in real life soon!